Remote Crystal Healing

If you can't  come to me or would prefer not to come  in person, I am now offering Remote Crystal  Healing  Sessions.

So how can crystal healing work remotely?

Watch below to find out what to expect with a remote crystal healing session.  

What's included

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Personalised Remote Crystal Session

I will tune in remotely to your energy and intuitively choose the right crystals that can support you at this time and then use my holographic imprint method to carry out a remote healing session.

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Video of the Crystals chosen for you

My personalised video will explain the crystals chosen for you and their properties.  This can help you on a conscious level know where to place your focus on the days and weeks ahead. 

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Relaxing Healing Meditation MP3

My Remote Healing Meditation MP3 helps you to relax and receive the energy of your crystals.  To enhance this experience, I have layered many healing technologies,  including, harmonious sounds using perfect fifths,  Fibonacci sequence,  Ho'oponopono and more.

Remote Crystal Healing

Remote Crystal healing is done by connecting my energy field with another person’s energy field, via the Holographic Ether.  Once the intent to connect is made we open a two-way communication system whereby I can transfer crystal energy, information, light packets, light language, frequency and sound to the other person. The other person can then choose whether to accept this energy transfer or not. 
Time is irrelevant as in the Holographic Universe all is now and all time is now.  Therefore, by using intent to access the energy transfer the other person can access the energy whenever they are ready to do so.  Indeed, it could be hours, days or even years later.

Why have a crystal energy healing?

We all have an energy body. Energy needs to flow through the body so we can feel happy and well. The energy needs to flow in, through and out. If there are blockages or injuries, we feel emotional, mental or physical pain.

We hold our emotions in our energy body. If we have a sadness, or an anger from the past, that we haven't let go of, we hold it in the energy body. If not released, eventually it will manifest as a physical illness. When anything breaks down in the body, such as pain or an ache, it is caused by blocked energy. Negative emotions can and do block the flow of energy in the body. Energy must flow, in order to maintain optimal health, physically, emotionally and mentally.

If our energy systems are disrupted or blocked we are less able to cope, we feel stressed, which in turn has a negative impact on our physical being. Over a prolonged period, this leads to ill health.
If our energy field is clear and balanced, we will be in a better position to deal with situations and circumstances that might otherwise be perceived as stressful. Imbalances are reflected in our energy field and can often be seen before they manifest into the physical body.  If we don't pay attention to the initial messages, the warnings will become more severe until we do take notice.  

Once we are aware of this, we can regard illness in a more positive light, so long as we then act upon it and make appropriate changes necessary for healing.  Our physical body is a most amazing barometer for our emotional health! 
The good news is science has confirmed everything is energy and as everything is energy, everything can be turned around. 
Crystals are our perfect ally for this. Crystals help as a source of transformation in your life, by helping you to explore your personal inner worlds to discover your beliefs, attitudes, and actions which may be limiting your ability, and using these discoveries to work with crystals as partners in change.
Crystal energy healing facilitates a harmonising process by clearing blocks in your energy field, repairing and re-balancing the energy patterns. The body can then move to its optimal level of balance to heal itself. 


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“I knew Katina had done her magic! I was suffering from a trapped nerve in my hip.  I felt the pain lift, and just a dull ache remained.  When she told me the crystals she used, I said I knew when you were doing it as the pain suddenly lifted.”

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“I’d had a nagging headache all day. I sat down and it just went. Katina’s email came through and low and behold the crystals she had chosen helped with headaches.  Katina has an uncanny way of knowing just the right ones for me.  The reading she gave also helped give me focus for the month ahead.  Can’t wait for my next one.”

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“Wow, the crystals Katina choose for me were prefect.  Her feedback made perfect sense and reminded me that I need to trust in myself more and do the things I enjoy.  Thank you, Katina.”

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“I listened to Katina's recording whilst in the bath.  Everything felt clearer afterwards.  The advice she gave was spot on. Thank you.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is distant healing possible?
In the world of energy, there is no such thing as time or space. Energy healing is not restricted to a time or location. It is not necessary for the energy to "travel" anywhere. One good model of this describes the universe as being like a hologram, where the whole is contained in every part. Time and distance are only concepts which help define our reality.
Information about the client is perceived through his or her energy field, which is pinpointed in space-time, by their name and date of birth. I then create a multi-dimensional energy field image of that person, just as if they were physically present. Then it's simply a matter of following the usual practises, with some subtle differences.
Is there anything I need to do at the time of the healing session?
No, there is nothing for you to do at the time of the healing session...just go about your normal routine. 

The significant changes to your energy flow are most often transferred after a night’s sleep. Some clients do feel subtle changes immediately at the time a session is being done, but most differences are felt a day or two after, as the body needs time to adjust.  Some quiet space where you can sit or lie down while listening to the recording can help in assimilation of the energy of the crystals chosen for you.  
What about after the session?
You want to make sure that you are well hydrated, both before and after. So drink plenty of water to help your body flush out anything that is no longer serving you.  A bath or a foot bath can also help with any detoxification.  Adding Epsom salts can also help. 

Do I need to know when you are doing my session?
No, with the specialised techniques I use in my distant healing, conscious participation by you at the time of the session is not necessary.

Do I need to buy any crystals?
There is no need to buy the crystals used in your session as their energy is imprinted into the Holographic Ether and then downloaded into your energy field. If you already have one or more of the crystals or would like to purchase some, then you can hold them in your hand(s) or place them on your body.  
Can I buy the crystals you used for my session?
It depends on the crystals chosen. I have selection of crystals available to buy.  I may also have selected some crystals from my personal collection. Often when I am choosing crystals a specific piece, shape or size may come through.  I mainly sell tumble stones and a few hand selected larger pieces.  If you are interested in buying any of the crystals chosen, please feel free to contact me and I can let you know what is available.  If you are local to Lowestoft you are welcome to arrange a time to visit and select you own.  Please note I do not own a shop, so a visit is strictly by prior appointment.
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Usual price £33, Special Introductory Offer £22 

  • Personalised Remote Crystal Healing Session
  • Video of the crystals chosen for you (MP4)
  • Relaxation healing meditation (MP3)